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May 2018

Deciding which weapon to use in CSGO is like choosing which boots to wear for football. Sure, some may be suited for longer passes, but others excel in wet weather. The two weapons seem very similar at first glance - The M4A4 looks like the M16's cousin and the M4A4 is a familiar

You wouldn't usually think of Counter Strike: Global Offensive as a game with roles. It's not like League of Legends, where each player has a specific task which is predetermined within the UI. No, Counter Strike's roles are much more fluid. They can change during rounds and some teams don't even follow the

Multiplayer shooters with four letter names are a staple of modern gaming. Most have their own loyal fan bases that subscribe to the type of gameplay each platform provides. Halo players, for example, prefer fast paced, controlled combat resulting in satisfying headshots, where as ARMA fans strive for realism, pining for nothing more