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June 2018

The questionably tame LANimal 'j_money' becomes Endpoint's Battalion 1944's sixth player. With a stiff upper lip, the B44 family has had to reshuffle the active roster, due to personal reasons resulting in Isaac not having enough time to stay in the team as part of the primary lineup. Wipe those tears away, however, as

Today we are extremely pleased to announce that Jack 'Jacky' Peters and Ben 'Esio' Doughty are joining the Endpoint organisation. Both of them have been stalwarts within the UK scene for quite some time, specifically with regards to Counter Strike. They both have a wealth of experience in front of the camera, having

As with any other popular multiplayer title, Counter Strike Global Offensive is always going through changes; Be it weapon balancing or map updates. This article will summarise the recent patch notes and help you understand the implications of the numbers being thrown at you. CZ-75 For quite a while, The CZ was the king of