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July 2018

If you're newer to Counter Strike, you might hear people using seemingly random phrases during your competitive matches. A lot of it comes from other games and has found use in CSGO, but it's still incredibly important you figure out what they mean. Otherwise, someone asking you to watch banana might lead to

We are ecstatic to announce that we have partnered up with ASUS Republic Of Gamers! They will be kitting out our new bootcamp facility with a variety of peripherals and hardware that are the best in the market, to help give our players the support that is needed to make it to and stay

When players are faced with limited funds at the start of the round, they'll either force buy or save. A typical force buy could consist of a UMP-45 or a Deagle, two weapons with fairly high damage outputs per bullet. The Desert Eagle has the capability to shut down a foe with a