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December 2018

In the spirit of Christmas joy, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds has introduced a snow themed map; Vikendi. The fourth map introduced to the game features plenty of areas for fighting with much less water than the other maps (Miramar excluded of course, it is a desert). Apart from the obvious winter theme, what else

As someone who's been lucky enough to climb the ranks of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive all the way from Silver, I've encountered my fair share of players. From the professionals who hold the same angle for fifteen rounds to the non English speaker who doesn't know what 'eco' means.  Getting out of 'silver hell' seems

Every game has a relatively vague longevity. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends have built solidified their esports empires - and their vast time frames in gamers memories are a huge defining factor. Other games, such as FIFA and Call of Duty, also have success in the esports industry, though