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May 2019

Following Copenhagen Games there have been a number of changes in the team due to circumstances outside of our control.From the very beginning, Endpoint has been about growing talent within the UK and providing a platform for teams to develop and progress their careers. A key part of this we believe, is having

It may feel like the R8 is still a weird, new weapon in the game. Those who remember its introduction to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be shocked to realise that it was introduced in 2015, with the winter update for the game. It was massively overpowered - able to one shot enemies through

Less than five months ago, Dangerzone was released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The new Battle Royale style game mode featured one map, Blacksite, that would pit you against other players dropping into the island from helicopters to duke it out. Along with the new map, Sirroco, various things have changed from teammates wearing