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February 2020

Counter-Strike: Global offensive is, in it's current state, massively customisable. From weapon skins to music packs, every Counter-Strike account will be different and reflective of the players personality. However, there has been further degrees of customisation, such as the User Interface colour and the crosshair settings. In the past, the crosshair options have

With any piece of art, it will never be 'finished'. Video games have such a large audience, meaning someone will always be desperate to having something changed depending on their preferences. Gamers are one of the loudest groups out there - if something isn't right with a game, they will let the developers

Reporting someone for toxic behaviour has always felt insignificant. It feels like your licking and stamping a letter with no address written on it - pointless and ineffective. Due to concerns held by a proportion of people in the community over toxicity becoming the normal behaviour in Counter-Strike, Valve have looked into upgrading