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October 2020

The most recent game to take down the behemoth that is Counter-Strike hasn't managed to topple the beast quite yet. Which game was that, Valorant? Apex Legends? Players Unknown Battlegrounds? There's always been a big game that people jump to for a while that 'threatens to kill Counter-Strike'. Of course, judging by the

You may have seen people on social media talking about the release of a Japanese single player role playing fighting game (that was a mouthfull), Genshin Impact. It follows the usual cast of anime characters with oversized swords and magical abilities fighting monsters and saving the world. There's a chance you're interested in

Image Credit: Psyonix The first rendition of The Grid, a brand new weekly Rocket League tournament, has drawn to a close after 9 matchdays. Each week consisted of the same 16 teams, with the exception of the final week in which Chalked was replaced by Fadeaway. The participating teams were those that were guaranteed