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A leading UK esports organisation.

About Us

Endpoint Esports LTD are a UK gaming organisation established in May 2016. In a short space of time, we have established ourselves as one of the top esports organisations in the UK, and currently have a fully British Counter Strike:Global Offensive team and majority British Battalion 1944 team. We have also had success within games such as Overwatch, Halo, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

Our rapid growth is led by our extensive experience of over 30 combined years within the gaming and esports market, along with our drive to make Endpoint a success.

Currently we have a gaming house in the north of England which we use as a bootcamping facility at any time for us to get the best out of the players and to allow us to really try and excel in media creation.

The Endpoint Team


Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop
Chief Executive Officer

Peter ‘Pete’ Thompson
Chief Operating Officer

Tim ‘Timmy’ Jollie
Chief Financial Officer


Shaun ‘InMe’ Neate
Project Manager

James Banks
Team manager and marketing

Media Team

Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters
Head of Media

Ben ‘Esio’ Doughty
Head of Media

Ashley ‘Queen’ Robinson
Head of Content

Ashley Renshaw

Sammy Rudkin
Videographer / Designer

Mark ‘Crossy’ Cross

Harvey ‘Skrivcasts’ Rodgers

Toby ‘Organised’ Shepherd


Placement Tier Tournament
1st UK Major UK Masters Summer 2017
2nd UK Major UK Masters Winter 2016
2nd Minor Insomnia 59
8th Major WCA World Contest Championship 2016
3 – 4th Qualifier WESG 2016 – The UK, Ireland & Iceland Qualifier
3-4th Minor ESL UK Premiership: Summer 2016
3rd Minor Multiplay Insomnia 58