The Concept

The Concept

The ENDPOINT ROG ACADEMY is our grass roots initiative and way of continuing to support the UKCS scene by providing up and coming players a real path to pro. We will also be launching a vibrant hub which will be used as a scouting ground, as well as a fun hub for all skill groups, with prizes on offer.

The support that will be offered to our academy team will give them a real feel of being a professional team while learning from some of the best talent from the UK and around Europe.

Not only will we be giving young players a chance to be a part of the Endpoint family, the entire process will be fully transparent, giving people a real behind the scenes look at how we work on growing our players, both in terms of skill but also their media presence.

Find out more by watching Episode 1 of our regular ROG ACADEMY vlog series.


Oli Blake


I am Oli, also known as Revilo. I will be managing the Endpoint ROG Academy team and looking after all of the players individual needs

I have a wealth of experience managing esports teams, having spent a number of years building and developing the CeX CS:GO team.

My duties will include planning and executing team bootcamps, LAN events, liaising with various tournament organisers and just ensuring that the players can focus on their craft without distraction. I am looking forward to helping the academy team and being part of its story, and hopefully giving you an interesting insight along the way.


George White


Hi there I'm George, also known as Whitey I have been Coaching CS for about 2 years now and played for many years before then.

My journey started off as a professional coach when I joined Team Endpoint, initially as more of a mentality coach. This was due to my experience outside the world of CS:GO, coaching football. It was my passion for this which made me want to divert from a player to a coach, as I knew I could go the extra mile in that role. I continued to develop my skills and focus on learning how to become a better tactical coach, and how to deal with the numerous amount of situations within CS:GO.

I have coached numerous rosters within the EU and the UK and done plenty of 1-1 coaching to keep myself active. I'm a young, hungry coach with high ambitions to build a roster from scratch and to build upon a players individual skills to become a better person. I get an immense feeling knowing that I can use my skills to not only develop a team but individual personalities too. I look forward to putting my heart and soul into this academy project and showcasing the journey every step of the way with content, stay tuned!