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20 Years Of Counter-Strike

The Counter-Strike series has recently had its 20th anniversary. In celebration for the title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had a small update to Dust II, bringing with it a pixelated finish. Anyone playing on Dust II in a Casual game mode will find themselves switching between the modern version, with its beautiful textures and perfected layout, and a new take on the old map, complete with older graphics and some nostalgic features.

This blast from the past reminds us of how far the game has come since its launch, over all the Counter-Strike titles. The esports scene has followed, getting bigger and bigger with each year. Having the maps switch between the two versions isn’t a new concept – mappers have been doing it for years. The way it works is both maps are present in the level – In fact, they’re positioned perfectly on top of another, aligning the radar for both maps. If you noclip during an offline game, you’ll be able to see both levels hovering in space.

Although the new-old version has more orange lighting and some slightly different textures, it’s still incredibly novel to run around in this re imagining of a classic and comparing it in real time during a game. Take your friends who are newer to the game on a trip to the past and have fun exploring the history of CS.