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Astralis are your 2019 IEM Major Champions!

After gruelling fights between the undisputed best teams in Counter-Strike, the IEM Katowice major draws to a close. With some upsets and surprises, the major proves once again why Counter-Strike is so amazing to watch.

The most bewildering event was the magic of ENCE. The team has always had a strong showing with former Ninjas In Pyjamas AWPer, allu, forming an all Swedish team with him at the helm. Making it to the brackets, ENCE managed to beat some of the biggest giants of CSGO – Consecutively beating Team Liquid and Na’Vi, bringing them toe to toe with Astralis, the number one team in CS, in the grand finals.

Image copyright – Adela Sznajder

Alas, however, when it came to the finals, Astralis showed the swedes who was really in charge. With an amazingly close game on Train (ENCE’s pick) followed by a scary potential comeback scenario for the underdogs on Inferno (Astralis’ pick), the Danes took the trophy, making this their third gold medal in CSGO major history.

Make sure to tune in for the next Major in August held in Berlin by StarLadder to see if ENCE can prove to the world once more that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Image copyright – Adela Sznajder