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AUG Nerf? And other changes

Okay – It hasn’t strictly been nerfed, but it has been changed back to $3,300, meaning it is once again $200 dollars away from the M4 alternatives. The weapon has been subject to a lot of controversy recently, as a lot of professional players took a shine to it during the recent Katowice major. In reality, the weapon hadn’t actually been given any huge buffs, the price had simply been dropped down to $50 more than the M4 rifles. With that change, the AUG was suddenly the Counter Terrorist weapon of choice, making a lot of players upset due to it’s unique ability to aim down sights. While a lot of players got angry about it, some decided to pick it up and begin using it, and low and behold it, had become meta. So with the AUG price increase, it will be interesting to see if people will still use it, now they have discovered its true potential.

The M4A1-s has had an increase to its magazine size, now being 25 rounds per mag and having more ammunition in the ammo pool. This means that players who disliked the M4A1-s in favour of the M4A4 due to the superior spraying power may switch due to the M4A1-s’ greater versatility. The shotguns have also seen a drastic change in price – notorious for being next to unused in high elo games, the shotguns have had their price’s dropped by a fair margin, making their costs more competitive with SMGs. With decent kill rewards, will we see more of them in upcoming games as a high risk -high reward buy?

A huge update has been made to the loss money bonus. Previously, if you lost a certain number of matches, your bonus would increase thusly –

— 0 Losses: $1400
— 1 Loss: $1900
— 2 Losses: $2400
— 3 Losses: $2900
— 4+ Losses: $3400

In the old system, any win would hard reset their loss bonus back to a mere $1,400. Now, should a team be on three loses ($2,900) and win a round, their bonus will now be $2,400 rather than $1400, and their position in the loss bonus chart will stay at two loses. If they should win again, their bonus will increase to one loss, and so on. This means that teams have a far better chance to bounce back from serial losses. It also drastically changes the importance of pistol rounds, making them less crucial for early game victories.