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Battalion 1944 gets a full release

Battalion 1944, a World War Two first person shooter that is often compared to the early Call of Duty games, has finally seen a full release to Steam. Although being in early access for a year, the esports scene was rather active, with large prize pools and plenty of top tier teams. Fans from around the world came together to see the best players slug it out, weaving through the beautiful scenery with their Thompson in hand and frantically planting the bomb. The game has already proven itself to be a white knuckle shooter, exchanging realism for pure excitement.

The release update came with some shiny new things for veteran players to play with, such as eight new weapons, FACEIT powered competitive matchmaking, a new game mode and community modding, allowing for mappers to get their hands dirty. The game boasts more than 12,000,000 users even before the official launch, though it’s been clear that the game had a rocky start. However, the developers at Bulkhead Interactive are known for relying on community feedback to improve their games, so hopefully their hard work pays off.

FACEIT have proven themselves as matchmakers with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so having it integrated in B44 will be interesting and should serve as further strength to the brand as one of the leading platform for multiplayer games. We wish the Battalion team the best of luck and can’t wait to see what the game has in store over the next few years. The game is currently retailing for £15.99. Whether you’re interested in the competitive 5v5 matches or just want to chill in Arcade mode, B44 has something for every FPS fan.

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