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Bomb noises – August patch notes

The highly anticipated Panorama update is finally here; though it’s far less climactic than we thought it would be. Slowly releasing Panorama UI to the public may have been the boring approach to the breath of fresh air that is Panoramic UI, but is was incredibly sensible on Valves part. They could fine tune bug fixes and make sure it was 100% user friendly before making it everyone’s default user interface. The old UI is still available to anyone who hates change; all you need to do is type -scaleform into the startup options for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This will enable backwards compatibility.

A new case has arrived in CSGO – the second of the year. Introducing four new knife types, the Horizon case has plenty of sought after skins. You can find all of them here.

Bomb beeps no longer sound the same. Gone are the clutch moments spent going to the wrong bombsite and losing the game. The bomb will now make a different sound if it has been planted at B. People blame de_nuke for this, claiming the upstairs/downstairs layout of the map made it too confusing. Hopefully, this update should fix that problem, making nuke a little more playable. The same goes for every other map too, though; more counter terrorist games will be won due to this update.

A new inspect animation for the Deagle has been added – This isn’t game changing by any means, but it’s worth keeping in mind before it happens to you. If you wanted to use the revolver because of it’s nifty Clint Eastwood spinning animations, fear not. The Desert Eagle has been given a 1/20~ rare animation where your character will spin it relentlessly. Don’t get too distracted…


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