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Cache’s new look

The undeniably most popular fan created map, de_Cache, is getting a face lift. After Nuke and Dust II got it’s beauty treatment, it seems to be a trend of CSGO maps getting an update to vastly improve their looks. Although the aesthetics certainly look better, lets run you through the actual changes so you know what to expect when it hits the game.

First of all, check out this new bit of cover by forklift. The community have dubbed it ‘Yellow’ but you can expect that to change. Although it might be a good spot to catch unsuspecting CTs off guard when they push, it’s easily bangable. Use caution when picking this place to hide.

Of course, we had to talk about the new window on mid. This will allow CTs to have a better chance to stop terrorists rotating and will be handy in the later minutes of the game when no one will suspect you.

This is the back of A main. Oh yes – that wall to the left is absolutely bangable. Expect CTs to try and get an early frag on Ts going squeaky. The box truck is also a cute little pickup truck now, so thats cool.

Look how much light is in checkers! Or rather, in that one corner. Using the shadows might be a little bit more difficult now. The garage door is still bangable, thankfully.

Heaven looks cleaner, the windows on the right now have to be individually shot out and the site looks generally better. Hot tip – the light above the far door can be jumped onto from heaven – Weird spot but it might come in handy.