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Can CSGO be improved?

With any piece of art, it will never be ‘finished’. Video games have such a large audience, meaning someone will always be desperate to having something changed depending on their preferences. Gamers are one of the loudest groups out there – if something isn’t right with a game, they will let the developers know. The same is true with CSGO; small fixes get brought up all the time from important things like ‘bomb stuck spots’ to petty things like incorrect sun/shadow alignment.

However, there have been some radical suggestions to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that some people claim will fix the game. For example, porting the game to Source 2, which would put the game on a new engine. Dota 2 has already received this treatment and was graphically improved significantly, making everything look nice and fresh with Valves new toy box. While putting the game on the new engine would make it look nicer, would it be worth the effort?

Ray Tracing

Games like CSGO are focused on their competitiveness. Sure, ray tracing would make the game look incredible, even rivalling the latest releases, but it would also cause a lot of players to experience significant performance drops. In a game where high frame rates can be the difference between winning and losing, it’s could be argued that it’s more important to keep the game as stable as possible in order to make it more playable for more people.

Whilst some people have offered the idea of breakable scenery to change the game play (shooting out walls for new sight lines or disabling grenade throws), the maps in CSGO are so important to the competitive nature of the game and having them be dynamic in this way might alter the maps too significantly. The meta would change rapidly to the point the game wouldn’t feel like CSGO anymore. In any case, we already have Rainbow Six Siege, a game that has built its frame work on destructible scenery.

CSGO has been out for eight years and while it has undergone some hefty changes, such as Free to play and Danger zone, they have not changed the core game play to significantly as to make it an entirely new concept. It is still recognisable as a Counter-Strike title, despite it’s quality of life changes. This isn’t to say change isn’t good – the panorama update has worked wonders to bring the game into the modern era of gaming. We just worry that going too far would make the title unrecognisable form its roots.