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Competitive matchmaking – but not

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive revolves around its ranking system. People train for hours just to get a chance to increase their rank and people care about it as much as they do their self image. Playing CSGO with friends, however, was always a bit challenging.

You see, if you were a Master Guardian and your friend was a Silver Three, the two of you could not play together unless the lobby was made of five people. This was done to stop boosting and trolling and requires a full party of people who consent to starting a match with varied ranks. CSGO did its best job to try and level the playing field, but one team would always feel more competitive. You could always play arms race together, but that’s not what CSGO is all about.

If you’re tired of this fiasco, then we have good news for you. Gone are the days of inviting hundreds of random players into your lobby in the hopes of maybe finding a game, as CSGO as released a new Competitive game mode that doesn’t effect your ranks in the slightest. Global elites can play with Silver Ones, loses and wins mean nothing and it allows friends to finally play as much CSGO as they want without the fear of tilting. (Supposedly.)

The game mode can only be played on a few maps that aren’t in the competitive map pool, meaning players will become familiar with maps they’ve never stood foot on before. Good and new players alike will have to figure out the best strategies together, working with one another to take the game.

We’re happy to see Valve making CSGO more accessible – With free to play, Danger zone and non competitive competitive, it’s easier than ever to grab a friend and teach them the ropes. This is the best time in Counter-Strike’s history to get involved if you aren’t already and we hope to see the trend continue.