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Counter-Strike gets a reality check

Many people playing video games don’t often get their hands on firearms in the real world; be this due to their age or location. This can lead to many misconceptions about everyone favourite onscreen weapons that may never go corrected – So lets talk about the absolutely game breaking nature of weapons not being like they are in real life. (Valve, please fix.)

Lets start with the pistols. Everyone is fully aware how silencers don’t silence anything in real life, but in video games, their usage has a little more inspiration from Hollywood. In game, they turn the already quiet USP’s firing sound into nothing more than a stapler. In real life, of course, a suppressor is really for the shooters sake, making the ear drum bursting bang slightly more manageable. In reality, the average pistol, when suppressed, still emits a rather painful 130 decibels. That’s equal to a jackhammer or a passing ambulance. Sure, that’s much less than the 180 db of a .308 rifle, but it’s still going to let people know where you’re hiding.

The R8 Revolver has an interesting mechanic too – The delay on the trigger isn’t present in real life, with modern revolvers having a relatively crisp trigger due to their lack of advanced technology. The fanning is a big red flag too, as the R8 is double action, meaning the hammer will automatically arm itself after every shot. However, we’ve seen it fit to give it style points, so we’ll overlook it this time.

The Glock isn’t afraid to break reality – With an astonishing big magazine capacity of 20 rounds. In reality, the G-18 has a factory capacity of 12. The weapon doesn’t have a burst fire mode either, with a selector switch only allowing semi automatic or fully automatic firing modes. The size of the Glock more resembles a smaller G-16, though it still bares the name Glock 18.

Moving onto the more powerful rifle counterparts, the M4A4 isn’t a real weapon. Currently, the US military have a rifle with the M4A1 designation, so it seems Global Offensive has decided to make a theoretical addition to the arsenal, allowing them to have a bit of fun with the platform. This isn’t too unrealistic either, as firearms get new versions all the time – The british L85 is on its third iteration, the A3.

So, there you have it. A list of some of the inconsistencies in Counter-Strike: Global Offensives arsenal. Of course, the game doesn’t claim to be a realistic shooter, nor does it pride itself on firearm accuracy. Sometimes it’s just fun to evaluate something that was probably never intended to be looked at in depth.