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Counter-Strike: Globally free

That’s right, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free to play. Sort of.

The price barrier with CSGO has a few purposes. As well as making valve a pretty penny in game sales, it also (sort of) prevents hackers from opening multiple accounts in case one gets banned. Whether or not that is an effective way of stopping hackers is a different story, however, but CSGO has officially became F2P.

It’s worth mentioning upfront that a free player does not get all the online capabilities of a player with a game license. They are not able to play any online games; this includes anything that involves more than one real person behind a keyboard. In a sort of demo fashion, CSGO free edition allows players to download player made maps, learn the layout on Valve maps and even play the premier training mode that CSGO has to offer. Remember that?

The reason we think this change has happened so late in it’s life cycle is because of the professional gaming hype that CSGO has been a frontier of in recent years. Free to play-ers (?) can watch GOTV but cannot receive drops as they don’t get a steam inventory. The free edition does, however, allow players to try before they buy and even get into esports if they where not already involved.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be moving into it’s seventh year, but with regular updates such as a demo, panoramic UI and regular majors, it’s no wonder why CSGO still dominates the FPS scene on PC.

If you have a friend who has thought about getting CSGO but hasn’t wanted to splash out on something they haven’t tried, let the know about the new update!