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CSGO: Crosshair UI and Patches

Counter-Strike: Global offensive is, in it’s current state, massively customisable. From weapon skins to music packs, every Counter-Strike account will be different and reflective of the players personality. However, there has been further degrees of customisation, such as the User Interface colour and the crosshair settings.

In the past, the crosshair options have been incredibly simple. You could either have a dynamic one which gave you a rough idea if you’d be accurate, and a static one that didn’t get in the way. Players would often customise them further with the config, allowing for almost anything, with different colours, opacities, shapes and sizes. This is finally made a whole lot easier by giving an actual option in the menu with a preview bar to give you an idea of what you’ll be aiming with. Some players claim that a new crosshair can really change how you approach the game, so it couldn’t hurt giving it a shot. You can also share your crosshairs with people, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Running with the theme of customisation, Valve have added patches to the game. These work like stickers do, where you can apply them to your firearms, only these go on your custom player models. Whether you think this is trivial and pointless or fun and exciting, new items in game are always interesting and it’s worth seeing how they collaborate with each other. This might also be a sneaky ploy by Valve to make the models stand out more on maps they usually blend in on – who knows?