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Danger Zone’s ranking system

Although it has been out for a little while now, the Danger Zones ranking system has been incredibly fun to play around with. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always been centred around its competitive ranking system, we’ve seen the introduction of Wingman’s ranking system to aid the premier competitive mode and recently, a ranking system for Danger Zone.

While the ranks in competitive make it awkward for higher ranked players to play with their lower ranked friends, the Danger Zone ranks don’t care how high or low the two of you are. If you’re a Lab Rat and your friend is a Howling Alpha, you can still tussle together against tens of enemies. The ranks won’t change who you’re matched with, they’ll only show how ‘good’ you are at the game mode.

The inner workings of the ranks haven’t been fully explained, in typical Valve style, however we do know what they are and what they look like. They seem to be put in place as a goal to achieve rather than something to be judged by, as Danger Zone is less polished than the other modes offered in CSGO.

CSGO veterans will recognise the M4A4 Howl as an inspiration for the higher ranks in the mode, a infamous weapon that has a huge demand behind it for copyright reasons. So, grab a buddy and grind out some Danger Zone, but don’t let it get to your head. It’s just for fun!