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Drop The Guns, Grab Your Swords!

The Endpoint team have picking up their steel behind the scenes, getting to grips with the new gaming sensation. Mordhau came seemingly out of nowhere and has recently taken the gaming community by storm. Anyone who has played Chivalry or For Honour will have a general idea of what is going on – Medieval combat where players grab the nearest sword, crossbow or pitchfork and run into battle.

The game has unprecedented customisation, allowing players to make their own knights with bulky armour, lightly armoured swordsmen, or even a lute playing bard to give the soldiers some music to fight to. From flinging poo to jumping on horseback, the gritty game of attrition has captured the hearts of gamers across the globe.

The game was funded on Kickstarter and already has players begging for an esports scene. Pro players have already gotten their hands dirty with 1v1 duels while casual players have found themselves in huge 64 player melees, the PvE Horde mode, and of course, the battle royale. The potential is absolutely there – we’ll just have to wait and see.

This is a game that takes some getting used to – the first few hours will have you just taking in the atmosphere of castles and conquest as you desperately try to figure out how to kill the people with spears. Mordhau feels designed to nurse players in, with the ingame currency serving to slowly introduce new play styles and figure out which type of combat best suits them.

If you’re looking for a game to challenge you, this might be the right place. If you’re new to this format, Mordhau might take some getting used to, but when you start getting kills rather than dying imminently, the feeling of reward will carry you into the next game with a smile on your face.