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Dumb things to do in CSGO

Bored of the tried and tested formula of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? There’s plenty to explore in the game without trying new game modes or shooting people. Check out some of the weirder things to do in CSGO.

You can be a pirate.

Fight? What, you mean Plunder? Many games took the ‘talk like a pirate’ day to a whole new level. By opening CSGOs options in your steam client, you can add the line ‘ -language pirate’ to change the games language. Test it out and try to figure out what it all means!

Terrorists become Pirates and CTs become the British Navy.

He’s toggling wall hack!

Struggling to find the bomb? If the nasty terrorists have blanketed the bomb site with smoke grenades or hidden it under a sneaky barrel, it might be a little difficult to locate the bomb. Fear not, as binding ‘toggle gameinstructor_enable’ to a key will actually display the location of the bomb. The guide is intended to help newer players understand the basic mechanics of the game better, so it’s not exactly a cheat. Just be careful of people hiding in unseen areas, as this won’t alert you to their location!

Ninja defuses have become so much easier.

He’s a vampire!

Well, sort of. If you look directly down, not only will you not see any legs, you are unable to see your own shadow! It wouldn’t help in competitive games anyway, as newer players may mistake it for an enemy. You know what they say, “Shoot anything that moves” – S.A.S dude.

Rusty knife not included. Thankfully.

Jump the fence.

You can go beyond the established boundaries of the maps. Get yourself in an offline game with bots, kick them with -bot_kick in the console. Now, in the console, turn on sv_cheats 1 and noclip. Fly yourself through the barriers or walls that you shouldn’t wander past and type in noclip a second time to turn to back on. You should be able to see your favourite maps from new angles – be weary though, things can get a bit… weird.

They’ll never expect this..!