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Endpoint joins RLCS

Sometimes, shooting bad guys gets boring. Endpoint have decided to take a break and hit the highway by picking up a new Rocket League team! The Rocket League Championship Series takes place twice a year and is produced by Psyonix, the same developers who manage the game itself. This ensures the events are always up to scratch and are as exciting for the players as it is for the viewers.

RLCS is a joy to watch, with the stakes being so incredibly high and the knowledge that one whiffed shot, positional advantage or mistimed dribble could stand between winning and losing. That’s why we decided to comprise our team with four of the best – They’re currently ranked 2nd in the UK and 21st in the world and have gotten gold medals ion the Gfinity UK Elite series (Season 1) and the RLCS S8 Qualifier in 2019, where they finished second.

Our current Rocket League lineup:
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Aron ‘Eclipse’ Jones (Coach)
Ireland Nelson ‘Virtuoso’ Lasko
Spain Nacho ‘Nachitow’ Gimenez
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Lucas ‘RelatingWave’ Rose