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CeX new headline sponsor of Endpoint

We would be lying if we said we weren’t gearing up for the best year in Endpoint’s history. Along with many other huge announcements, we are proud to reveal our new headline sponsor.

CeX is an international second hand electronics company that has over 600 stores worldwide, including the UK, Australia, Italy, India, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Based in London and established in 1992, CeX has quickly become the number one shop for all your gaming needs, whether it be computer parts, consoles or movies.

“We’re delighted to support the growth of UK esports by partnering with Endpoint. We believe that esports will experience exponential growth in the coming years and that Endpoint will be a major player to help drive esports to become mainstream entertainment. As the UK’s technology buy and sell specialist, the audience is a perfect match for CeX”

Hugh Man, CeX’s Co Founder and Chairman

The company also has an online store,, that allows customers to check the CeX stock, order items online and even sell hardware in order to make that upgrade. Due to their super simple exchange policy, CeX has become the most popular place to quickly and easily sell your old graphics cards and console games, along with almost anything else you can think of that has use to a gamer.

CeX has a history in esports, with a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team operating under the same name finding success in the UK scene. With their extensive knowledge of esports and Endpoint’s constant success, the two companies will be working together to pave the way for the most successful year for UK esports.

“We are so pleased to be announcing our sponsorship deal with the prestigious high street brand, CeX. It became clear very quickly that CeX matched our passion for esports, along with the desire and commitment to drive the UK competitive scene forward” 

Adam Jessop, CEO of Endpoint

Make sure to stay up to date with CeX as they continue to make developments within the UK esports scene on the CeX twitter, where further updates to the team roster and tournaments will be found. Don’t forget to check out their online store when considering new PC parts and follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the action.