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Endpoint partner with Soylent

We’re proud to announce a new member of the Endpoint family, Soylent. The satisfying high-protein on-the-go meal that needs no introduction, it has been helping our players and staff keep on the top of the game without having to worry about what they’re eating later.

We are excited to represent Soylent and can’t wait to bring their delicious products with us to future esports events. It’s all too easy to forget a meal during a stressful tournament or practice session and this nifty ready-to-drink product is the only logical answer.

No fuss and great for our team which are often time-poor and on-the-move, Soylent uses a vegan nut-free formula that helps keep the planet (and our team) better off. Our players have vouched for the great taste and have already began seeing the benefits to using Soylent in their daily routines. Ramen and ready meals have plagued the Endpoint HQ for too long, with Soylents nutritious formula, our players won’t want to go back.

VP of Brand Marketing at Soylent, Andrew Thomas:

“Helping people on their path to success is at the core of our brand. The Endpoint team is on the cusp of becoming one of the most successful esports teams in the UK, therefore, this partnership was a no-brainer. After all, Soylent has been developed to help people dodge food voids, which is our way of describing those situations in which you make unwise food decisions you’ll likely regret. Food Voids are usually borne out of a lack of time to find a healthy meal, so it was a natural fit for us to help fuel the Endpoint’s success with our ready-to-drink meals, which contain the nutrition they need when training and competing.”

As part of the partnership, the Endpoint team will take full advantage of the high-protein, ready-to-drink meal as they compete in global gaming tournaments throughout the year, allowing them more time to focus on the job in hand, winning and becoming the first ever UK esports team to enter the top 30 leagues.

Peter Thompson, COO of Endpoint:

“We’ve dominated the UK CS: GO scene for the last two years and felt it’s time to take the team – and UK esports league – to the next level and try to become the first UK team in the global top 30. In Soylent, we’ve found the perfect partner as they know what it takes to win and have the product to help us do so. And it tastes great too… the team can vouch for that!”

Research conducted by Soylent in the UK indicated that almost a quarter of gamers skip one meal every day, especially when in the heat of (an online) battle or the midst of an epic quest. This is where Soylent can really help fuel success in keeping gamers topped up with the nutrition they need while allowing them to maximize their gameplay and focus on winning.

Three Soylent ready-to-drink variants are available now via Amazon UK in Cacao, Cafe Mocha and Original flavours. Priced at £39.00 for a case of 12 bottles (£3.25 per bottle). On the 8th January Soylent is 30% off through the Amazon Eat & Drink Well channel.

Check them out here: Amazon Soylent Homepage