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Extending CSGO’s lifespan with Content Creators

Counter-Strike has had a history of modding. In fact, the game wouldn’t exist without the modding community, as it originally came from a Half-Life hack. Since then, the mapping and skin community has become saturated with new content for the game, both good and bad. However, it’s not hard to sift through the maps with malicious links (even easier now that Valve has made it harder to submit to the workshop).

Mappers, given enough time, have the creativity and drive to create some absolute classics. FM_Pone, creator of de_cache, managed to get his map Sub-Zero introduced to the game, sparking the imaginations of mappers everywhere. As a mapper myself, I understand how difficult it is to perfect a level in Counter-Strike. It takes weeks to get the lighting correct, the best props, working out how the layout effects gameplay, etc. In fact, it took me three years to finish my first map, and like a work of art, you can never stop tweaking it.


Operations are a way for Valve to give the mapping community a voice. Popular community made maps will be entered into the game and challenges will be carried out by the players on said map. This is great for the players, as they get more content and places to explore in Counter-Strike, but it’s invaluable for the mappers. The best way to improve a map is to have people play on it. With player reviews, suggestions and comments, the map can be upgraded and tweaked to absolute perfection.

Making a map isn’t difficult, per say, all you have to do it find the SDK in the Steam client and watch a few tutorials (unless you’re brave enough to go in blind.) The difficulty is making it look perfect, trimming the edges and adding details to make the world feel lived in, rather than an arena to kill people in – not that that isn’t a great map idea, but most mappers want to create something similar to the official maps, such as Inferno, which has lots of little details that make it unique and memorable.

Such as the elusive boiler.