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Fear of failure in CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, like all other competitive games, tense. This tension can lead to newer players feeling excluded and ashamed of their low rank or poor in game decisions. This isn’t exclusive to CSGO; every game with a ranking system such as League of Legends or Overwatch will have players who don’t feel like they can make any change in the games outcome.

If you are that person – the one who is scared to go around a wall in fear of dying immediately, or refuses to tell people what their rank is, this might be the article for you.

How to beat anxiety in matchmaking

Not everyone gets anxious when playing CSGO; for a lot of people it’s almost relaxing or cathartic. Sure, we may express that with yelling and Russian swearing, but we play the game because we love it. The fear of failure isn’t an easy one to overcome – though there is an easy fix. If you give yourself permission to fail, you can only get better at the game.

Wanting to be accepted as a decent player by your teammates is an obvious goal for most people. The fear of failure drives us become a better player, pushing our boundaries to see that silver rank turn to gold. The truth is, we’re not all playing by the standards of professional players, but watching their games won’t hurt. Seeing an incredibly experienced player using the game mechanics to their fullest and using grenades to their maximum potential will actually make you a better player yourself, even if it’s involuntary.

Playing with friends, even if they’re not as good at the game as you, will also help. Messing up a play in front of them doesn’t feel as bad as doing it in front of four judgemental strangers. Sure, they might ridicule you, but at least you know it’s in good spirit. You can also teach them what they’re doing wrong, cementing your own understanding of the game mechanics.

No artist created a best selling masterpiece on their first canvas. You can’t expect to be top fragging in your first session either, so the more you practice (be that in competitive or otherwise), the better at the game you will become. Random teammates are the least likely people to understand this, so don’t be afraid to use voice_enable 0 in the console if you need them to stop talking for a little bit, or even just mute individual players from the tab menu. CSGO is all about communication and teamwork, however, so try not to fall into the habit when you start climbing the ranks.

What’s the take away?

Practice. Just practice as much as you can until you become comfortable with CSGO’s strange mechanics. You’re not perfect, but the more you make of failing the better. You automatically learn from mistakes, especially if they lose you a round (or even a game). The more time and effort you put into the game, the better and more confident of a player you will become. Help other players learn and get some friends to play with and you’re already on your way to global.