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French Case Opening – What’s going on?

You’ve heard about the recent changes to CSGO ion terms of French case openings, but let me fill you in just in case. Before this update, in order to open a case in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you first need a case (Acquired from drops after games or purchasable from the Steam Marketplace) and a Key (Bought from the ingame store). Using the correct key for the correct case would allow you to open it up, getting a skin from the predetermined selection in each case. Valve has been called out for gambling claims in the past, as people have been worrying that this may introduce gambling to people at a young age.

Valve have responded to some legislation in France by changing the case opening system for that country only. Instead of opening a case and getting surprised with the outcome, French players will be presented with the skin they will unlock before opening the case. Wait, what?

That’s right. In order to buy a case, One must first purchase the P250 X-ray from the ingame store. This allows players to open cases; Without buying this, you can’t open anything. Once the X-ray has been acquired, French players can select a case to open. Once they’ve done this, the client will show them what weapon will be won from opening it. They then have to buy that case.

You might have realised by now that nothing has actually changed. Other than having to buy a two euro skin, the basic premise it still the same. Does this mean Valve has shown their hand as to how they’ll approach gambling legislation in other countries, or is this a trail run on France, who are cracking down on online gambling. If it’s successful and Valve can convince the French government that this new system isn’t Gambling as much as random skin buying, we might see the same system rolled out in other countries with similar legislation.