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Getting personal with ReleNtless1g

Dan ‘ReleNtless1g‘ Harll, the captain of the Ring of Elysium team, has been seeing a lot of success during his time with Endpoint. Quickly rising in the ranks of Ring of Elysium, waving the Endpoint banner as they go, it felt right to have a chat with him and find out what the secret sauce is.

“I want to make sure everyone’s on the same wavelength.”

First, let’s find out what a team captain actually does. In his own words, Dan’s job consists of “making sure everyone’s on and knows when tournaments and league games are. I want to make sure everyone’s on the same wavelength.” Rather than a shot caller, Dan’s job is more in the offline side of things, acting in a more managerial role when he isn’t running towards a helicopter.

I asked Dan what playing for Endpoint has been like so far. He replied “Endpoint is a well known name in the UK. We were probably the first team in Ring of Elysium who were well known, Endpoint set the trend for Ring of Elysium.” When representing a brand such as Endpoint, does that put any stress on the team? “I’m a respectful person – Just being my natural self reflects on Endpoint as an organisation. We’re respectful to event organisers and admins, which reflects the name.”

“Endpoint set the trend for Ring of Elysium.”

Getting into esports isn’t exactly easy. You’re suddenly pitted against the best players in the world who have spent hours perfecting their skills. ReleNtless1g knew this all to well – “We’ve still got the same competitive scene. We’ve been winning quite a lot, but we can only improve.” Looking at the recent results of the team, it is clear that the team has been improving tenfold since their debut.

“We’ve been winning quite a lot, but we can only improve.”

Team synergy is an important part of any team sport. Dan commented on this, saying “Before season one started, we thought going into the competitive scene would be quite an easy thing for us. We dominated public games before the competitive scene was released. When it actually came to the scene, we placed 5th out of 30 teams at the end of the season, but we struggled to get there and didn’t play that well. Afterwards, we had a total revamp and have totally reversed everything.” The revamp allowed the team to excel and start turning every future game into a much easier ordeal.