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Keeping Yourself Busy During Quarantine

To some of you, quarantine is a dream come true. Sure, we’re amidst the biggest and only pandemic of our lifetime, but at least we can play video games all day! Seriously, though, wash your hands, stay indoors and be considerate to those who need extra care. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have fun with your free time, though, so here are four ideas to get you through the batch of boredom.

100% a game

If you’re anything like me, chasing achievements is actually a huge pain. Although, I might just be an anomaly. In fact, lot of people prefer to chase down the rewards and complete a game; and hey, there’s probably something sitting in your steam library that is pretty close to completion. Blow the dust off, boot it up and push yourself to get that sweet sweet 100% achievements unlocked milestone.

Set yourself a ranked goal

Whether you’re a CSGO, Rocket League or hardcore online uno player, you have a rank to go get. Stuck in silver? Push yourself to get out of the rut. It’s not going to be easy, but seeing as you have weeks ahead of you, you may as well put in the effort and hit that goal. It doesn’t even have to be ridiculously out of your comfort zone, but putting in the hours will pay off.

Use a Chat Room

If you have a VR device, VRChat has been a great way for me to hang out with my friends despite the social distancing. It’s not perfect, but something like this can really help you get back into the swing of things with your friend group. Failing this, start a minecraft realm! Yes, seriously. Think about it, how much fun could you and a bunch of mates have on a minecraft server with weeks to build, farm and craft? If you’re not a fan of minecraft, other games can fill the gaps, but an online server where you and your mates can drop in and out will help keep you in touch.

Pick up that game that’s been on your wish list for weeks

I mean, this is literally the best time to get it. See what it’s all about, learn the mechanics, sit down for a few hours and get familiar with it. If you don’t get it now, you probably don’t ever. Get on with it, push past the part of you that can’t be bothered to learn a new game and go have fun!

Hopefully you all stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. Keep yourself educated and follow the NHS guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.