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Microsoft Sets Sights On Steam

After decades of crushing the console market, Microsoft have announced that they are publishing some previously Xbox exclusive titles to the Steam marketplace. The only way to play Xbox titles on a computer beforehand was through the Xbox application that often comes as bloatware on Windows, so having some fan favourites on the PC gamers choice game portal is definitely a welcome change of heart from Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced that they will be bringing more than twenty Xbox Game Studio games to Steam, such as Halo, Gears of War and Age of Empires. Many console enthusiasts stick to their means of video gaming due to the exclusive titles that belong to the companies that produce their systems – Namely Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. If Microsoft are willing to expand their reach to the PC market, perhaps the other two companies might follow suit and publish some more brands on the Steam workshop.

Steam is a fantastic means for video gaming giants such as these to use as Steam accommodates for over ninety million active users by 2019. The tempting option is for the companies to make their own distribution platform, such as Origin from EA and UPlay from Ubisoft. To a certain extent, the Xbox app works like this, but having games on Steam will certainly be a more tempting offer to PC gamers who want to bask in the nostalgia of shooting grunts.