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noblechairs EPIC review

For roughly half a year, I’ve been the proud owner of a noblechair. Those with keen eyes will know that noblechairs are one of our brilliant sponsors, however I am determined to give a fair review of their flagship product.

With three chair designs to choose from, all with PU, Nappa and real leather, I chose the EPIC White/Black, though I’ve been assured that the colour has no effect on how well you game. Prior to this, I had only sat in office chairs and the various cheap plastic chairs that my university halls had been gracious enough to provide me with, so I wanted to get the perfect product for my potentially destroyed spine. I had been looking into getting myself a proper gaming chair for some time – while I had tried a few different options at various gaming events, the noblechair had always done well to capture my attention.

My old chair next to my noblechair EPIC

I decided enough was enough and wanted to see what all the fuss was about first hand, so I sent my order to Overclockers to see if the luxury chairs deserved all their awards and good feedback. When it arrived, I was incredibly pleased with the assembly. I was always the kid who didn’t read the lego manuals, but the noblechair EPIC was easy to put together and I had it done in under twenty minutes. After putting on the finishing touches (being the lumbar cushion and head rest), I took my first sit.

Easy to Assemble

The first thing I noticed was the rocking function which I must’ve accidentally left on, which sent me flying back. Although terrifying, It had actually solved an issue I had with my cheaper chairs – I couldn’t stop rocking back on them, even if they had wheels. This would usually find me falling onto the floor with my head colliding rather painfully with whatever was behind me, be it my bed, or a not so forgiving brick wall. After turning off the rocking function, I adjusted the back rest to a more comfortable 85 degrees and took a deep breath. This was perhaps one of the first times I felt genuinely comfortable in front of my computer.

I stand at 5’11” and weigh just short of thirteen stone and I feel like the EPIC could handle someone twice my size. In fact, it felt similar to my car seat, something that actually surprised me – Of course, with the added convenience of swiveling like a more traditional office chair. To test it, I did everything from write essays, play video games and watch movies on my computer. If I needed my arms to be level with the desk, the ‘4D armrests’ allowed me to move them quickly into a more comfortable setting – If I wanted to play something that required my controller, I could easily move them down to allow my hands to rest in my lap rather than hovering awkwardly by my stomach, like my old chair would.

Living away from home at university means I’ve been moving house a fair bit. This was a little worrying to me as I didn’t know how well suited the bigger gaming chair would be to various desk arrangements. I was pleased to find that the EPIC chair would work with most cheaper desks; The arm rests and the height adjustment on the base allowed me to accommodate any setup I could dream of, be it my small university desk to a hyper battle station build.

noblechair EPIC in my cosy university room

The only gripe I actually have with the noblechair EPIC is a small rocking found when the chair isn’t in it’s rocking state. It can tilt about 3 degrees if you really want it too, though this is easy to forget as most people aren’t masterclass fidgeters like me and put both their legs on the floor rather than on the chair.

The bottom Line – this chair is incredibly comfortable and you would be hard pressed to find someone who genuinely finds it anything short of a work of art. If the EPIC isn’t your cup of tea, the ICON and HERO designs may be for you. They look more at home in an office with their more mature colour schemes, but this doesn’t mean they look boring. The Leather material is fantastic too – It doesn’t get too hot in the heat of British summer and keeps you warm when winter arrives.

If you’re looking for a new gaming chair, I’m of the opinion that you should go straight for the best. Don’t settle for half measures when it comes to your comfort, especially if you spend hours at your computer at a time. Click here to explore the noblechairs range and find a setup that suits your needs, whether it’s for work or play. It’s not difficult to understand why we chose them as our gaming chair of choice!