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Panorama – A breath of fresh air

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Counter Strike has had a history of ‘meh’ user interfaces. The menus in CS have never been anything to write home about – text boxes behind text boxes, Walls of options and static art no one ever looks at… Even CSGO’s menu has seen some changes throughout the ages and they’re all as boring as the last. Sure, they’re functional, but with more modern games like PUBG and Just Cause 3 having animated, interesting menus, Global Offensive’s loading screen has been somewhat lackluster in the competitive gaming market.

I mean – Sure, It works, functionally, at least. No one was really complaining about it, but when Valve announced they where bringing Panorama to CSGO, the community went crazy. Dota has already received this touch up and it did the game wonders. Everything had been tidied up and the game felt like it actually had a consistent art style. The pause menus matches the start screen – even skins can be viewed as a model that can be rotated. And hey, they’ve even animated case openings.

The best way to experience Panorama right now is to try it for yourself. As of right now, it isn’t on the public servers, but if you opt in for the beta, you can use it. Fair warning, you can only play offline with it due to it being in beta, but it shouldn’t be too long before it gets rolled out to the main game. Just right click on the CSGO icon in steam, go to betas and wait for the small update to kick in.

And this is what the finish product should look like! You can choose which skin/player model is displayed in the opening screen, your rank and friends are tucked away at the side and everything is much cleaner and easier to understand than before. We hope new players find this layout easier to work with and attracts a bigger audience to the game.

The player model you choose will have different interactions with their weapons. For example, an SAS model will handle the weapon with precision, while the Phoenix model might accidental drop the bomb hes holding. It’s nice to see Valve experimenting with CSGO, giving the models some sort of character rather than blank, expressionless faces.

As always, let us know what you think of the new Panorama update on Twitter!