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Reporting update in CSGO

Reporting someone for toxic behaviour has always felt insignificant. It feels like your licking and stamping a letter with no address written on it – pointless and ineffective. Due to concerns held by a proportion of people in the community over toxicity becoming the normal behaviour in Counter-Strike, Valve have looked into upgrading their report system.

The new foundations of it seem to work similarly to the trust factor system – The more reports you get from people who have a history of reporting reliably will mean you’re more likely to get disciplinary measures taken against your account. One of which is to set your account’s default state to muted – other players will have to unmute you if they want to communicate with you in game. Whilst debilitating to a certain degree, this works as a warning and lets the offending player know how annoying it is to have people ignore your call outs.

If players want their muted status revoked, they simply have to earn an undisclosed amount of XP. This means playing a few games to ‘learn your lesson’ before being able to hot mic again. It seems that reporting lots of people for no reason will lower the weight of which your reports carry, meaning trolls are less likely to mute innocent people. On the other hand, reporting less frequently will give you more power, especially if the person you report gets a lot of reports over several games. This system seems like the fairest way to catch out the actual toxic players, but only works if they are few and far between.

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