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Should CSGO Change The Terrorists?

Counter-Strike has had over twenty years of Counter-Terrorists foiling the plans of the Terrorists to blow up a box in the middle of a desert. As a fan of the game, you have probably completely phased out the names of the teams, merely yelling ‘One T ramp!’ after getting fragged. The implications, however, can be potential damaging to the game as a sport.

Trying to sponsor a video game that might headline with the word ‘Bomb’ is a good way to drive away sponsors. Changing the team names would make it an easier endeavour to promote the game to the wider audiences, and would also help YouTubers from having to put ‘terrorist’ in their video titles. Alex ‘LeX’, a Call of Duty pro player, suggested that ‘Attack and Defend was always the COD standard. Sanitized but more importantly, understandable.’ [source]

However, Counter-Strike has been using the words CT and T for years now and have had plenty of sponsors, especially during majors. With the game having roots in the past and everyone understanding CSGO for what it is, it would seem silly to change the names of the teams. After all, they are terrorists fighting Counter-Terrorists, even within the lore of CSGO (Yes, that exists).

Should the names be changed to be more inclusive? Or is this a step to far in political correctness? There are fair and arguable points on both sides, but in the end, it’s perhaps something that we shouldn’t bother worrying about. It doesn’t matter what the teams are called, we’re here to play Counter-Strike. It’s unlikely that Valve will change the names of the teams, but if they do then it might set the tone for future games in similar genres.