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Should esports players be Olympians?

With the 2020 Olympics event just around the corner, all eyes are turning to Tokyo, the father of video gaming. With the rising popularity in esports and the platform beginning to mature, the question arises – Should esports be in the Olypmics?

Esports were trialled in the 2018 Asian games, with the 2022 Asian games expecting MOBAs and sport titles to be played for some pretty hefty prize money. One must compare a traditional athlete to an esports player when considering such a nuance platform. It wouldn’t be especially hard to hold national tournaments within each competing country to work out who the best players are, but should we hold esports players to the same standard as professional sprinters, or world class rowers?

Leopold Chung, a representative for international esports, has actually publicly spoken about the issue, stating “It won’t be possible to be an official discipline, but to be a demonstration title within the Paris Olympics.”

The president of the International Olympic Committee has commented that any titles that may be accepted must not include “the promotion of violence”. That’s right, no CounterStrike or League of Legends. If esports ever do make it onto the Olympic stage, we’ll likely see Fifa and Madden NFL (And who knows, maybe even Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games for Wii.)