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Sports vs Esports

I was asked a rather interesting question yesterday. “Will esports ever be as popular as regular sports?” It took me a second to answer for a few reasons – but lets break it down and discuss what that question actually means.

Firstly, How do we define ‘regular sports’? The person asking the question was referring to footballs popularity in the UK, but clearly that’s not the only ‘regular sport’ in the world. Darts, for instance, has a large following, but if you ask someone on the street who won the World Darts Championship, it’s likely they’ll have no idea. So if by ‘regular sports’ we mean popular sports, we still have a flurry of questions to consider.

A lot of peoples attraction to sports is that anyone can make it as long as they’re good enough, including them. A world class rugby player playing in a small league team will get recognised by a bigger team just as a scratch golfer will be seen by someone with connections in the industry. The same goes for esports – If a player is willing to funnel all of their time into becoming the best player they can be, they have the ability to become a pro and work with the big teams.

Formula One is the biggest Motorsport in the world and is still gaining traction (pardon the pun) to this day. It’s not, however, a ‘traditional’ sport. It only existed since 1950 and has since become a household name. So if a popular sport can be newly founded, things are looking good for esports, seeing as the first known gaming competition took place in 1972, just 22 years after the first F1 championship.

Although Counter terrorism and bomb planting aren’t very relatable topics for most sporting fans, the esports world has the benefit of being incredibly felexible. For example, the FIFA eWorld Cup started in 2004 and is still going strong to this day, as well as well as the FIA Formula One eSports Series. Whether you like games that replicate modern sports or ones that take you into a new reality, esports has something for you.

So to answer the question, yes. Esports is on it’s way to being as popular as ‘regular sports’. Whether you’re in it for the gambling, the game or just an avid fan, esports has something for you.

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