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The CSGO of racing games

Counter-Strike has won the hearts of gamers across the globe with it’s pure gun play. The rules are simple and consistent and, with enough time, can be mastered by anyone. There’s not a lot of random chance with this game, it’s a strictly competitive environment with players ambling to be the best. TrackMania is a series that follows a similar formula – Simple gameplay that can be mastered by anyone given enough time that is always consistent and rarely left to chance. A similarly competitive environment full of speed runners and thrill seekers trying to push themselves to getting the best time they can.

When defining TrackMania, it’s important to understand the difference between a racing game and a racing sim. This in no way falls into the same category as iRacing and Assetto corsa – think more Need for Speed and Burnout. In fact, TrackMania might be one of the only racing games where playing with a keyboard is somewhat viable.

Being an arcade racer, TrackMania has a very specific feel. The physics take a bit of getting used to and may feel a bit heavy for new players. This is one of those games that is easy to pick up but very difficult to master, as seen in the leader boards. when you think you’ve got a competitive time, you’ll be somewhat confused to see people doing what you just did 10 seconds quicker. Although it seems impossible, after watching some of the masters play, you’ll quickly come to realise that there is more planning and precision than you had realised.

Like every racing game, the only way to improve is practice. There are no vehicle upgrades to increase your speed and girp, but you will notice your skill vastly improving as you tackle more and more tracks. You can even take it to the multiplayer mode and challenge people live, watching the hundreds of cars all spill out onto the track with various trajectories. If you’re looking for something competitive and easy to get into, the TrackMania series might be just the high octane package you’ve been looking for!