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The disliked Duo

When players are faced with limited funds at the start of the round, they’ll either force buy or save. A typical force buy could consist of a UMP-45 or a Deagle, two weapons with fairly high damage outputs per bullet. The Desert Eagle has the capability to shut down a foe with a single shot, and the ‘Universal Machine Gun’ (Very inventive, Germany) acts like a premium rifle substitute. People often overlook the other end of the spectrum, however; the low damage firearms with bullets. Lots of bullets.

The PP-Bizon

A common weapon in video games, the PP-19 usually serves as a bullet hose alternative to SMGs that have very limited ammo capacities. To make up for it’s enormous 64 round magazine, the stopping power is often fairly limited and it’s accuracy isn’t usually the best. All these tropes are true in CSGO, and in a game focused on point shooting and quick kills, one would assume this weapon is out of place in such a competitive game. It won’t be seen in professional games and it’s rare for it to see any use in anywhere but silver match ups.

The truth is, this weapon does have a place, though it plays a fairly specific role. If you’re within spitting distance of an enemy (Such as Mirage apartments), the crazy spray of this SMG can neutralise an enemy within seconds due to it’s 750 RPM. Sure, compared to the P90’s RPM of 857, it appears a little lacklustre, but you’re forgetting one key component; It’s magazine has enough 9mm rounds to dispatch all the squirrels in the UK.

If you’re a little newer to CSGO and you’re not comfortable with tap firing, the Bizon is for you. You’ll need to practice it’s recoil pattern but once you’ve gotten a feel for it, you’ll be getting double kills every round. Most weapons require the user to reload after a firefight, but with the Bizon’s superior clip size, you can suppress them while they reload, kill them while they’re behind cover and have enough ammo spare to shoot the skybox in celebration; and with a reload time of 2.4 seconds, it’s not a huge inconvenience to cram another 64 bullets into the thing.

The weapon is not effective against head armour and it doesn’t favour Kevlar either. To make this weapon viable, buy it after winning the pistol round. Assuming they’re going to save up for the third round, you can reap the rewards for only $1400, meaning you can also get a few smokes and your own armour.

The Dual Barretas

Any modern first person shooter worth its salt features an M9 Barreta. The Italian side arm has seen use in the US army, replacing the M1911. CSGO likes this firearm so much that you get to hold two at once. In reality, holding two pistols is a terrible idea and is reserved for video games and movies. Regardless, there is something quite special about the sequential fire pattern – especially when you flip them around during the inspect animation.

Similarly to the PP-Bizon, these pistols choose quantity over quality. Their damage output is lower than the other pistols and will only kill someone quickly who isn’t wearing any armour. You’ll be lucky to see them in majors but that’s not to say pros don’t like them. The reason these pistols have some use in CSGO is, you guessed it, as it has double the ammo capacity of one pistol. For only $400, you can have your very own pair of 9mm popcorn guns with a decent range and fire rate.

30 bullets gives you five bullets per enemy, and that’s assuming you refuse to reload. Buying these things makes sense on the first round of the game due to their sheer capacity. They damage enemies more than the starter pistols, so if you can look past the long reload time, maybe the dual elites are for you.

These articles are to open peoples’ eyes to the possibilities in CSGO. Although some weapons are meta and some are next to useless, having a wider understanding of the arsenal laid out before you means you’ll be far more effective and versatile in combat.


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