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The Most Iconic Plays In CSGO Esports History

Counter-Strike has been active for twenty years. To mark the anniversary of the game that brings us all together, we’re looking at some of the best, most influential moments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s esports scene.


2014’s Dreamhack Championship saw Fnatic taking on Team LDLC on de_Overpass, Olofmeister and his crew took out their secret weapon. A three man boost let them see into construction from CT spawn and allowed them to cinch a victory from a losing game. A poster saying ‘No climbing’ was added after the boost was patched, though this play may be the most controversial and memorable moment in Counter-Strike’s history.

s1mple’s falling AWP

During 2016 ESL One Cologne, s1mple made an astounding play on de_Cache. Clutching a round, KRIMZ and dennis marched onto B site as s1mple stood defiant on heaven. Dropping down to the floor, he managed to noscope dennis in mid flight, before taking aim and noscoping KRIMS from a distance. This play was recognised by valve and a commemorative graffiti was placed at the spot it all happened. If you look closely, you can see the scope of the AWP falling off, as s1mple didn’t need to use it.

Burning defuse

The play in 2014’s ESL One, a play from Olofmiester’s play has been continually references as the most daring play of all time, being given a graffiti on de_Overpass and a glock skin in the CS20 case. The star player, after seeing a molotov thrown onto the planted bomb, decided to jump in and defuse it anyway. Not giving up as he watched the flames slowly engulf him, he managed to defuse the bomb almost exactly as he died. This last minute decision secured the win for Fnatic and will get your heart pumping every time you rewatch it.


Of course, you’ve heard people say it. Hiko, during the 2016 ESL One major, was walking down mid towards CT when he checked behind door in what looked to be a last minute decision after being fired upon by a glock. Instinctively pre firing, he caught GeT_RiGhT in the head. If you can’t hear Anders screaming, you haven’t been in the scene long enough.

Coldzera jumping AWP

From the MLG Columbus Major in 2016, Coldzeras jumping AWP play is something you have to at least witness. As Team Liquid made their way through apartments on Mirage, Coldzera stood on the site alone with nothing but an AWP. He managed to take down adreN, but instead of fleeing to safety, he stood his ground and kept firing. Whilst jumping, he took down ELiGE, S1mple and nitr0. Those four kills, made with a combination of luck and skill, is immortalised with it’s graffiti in the spot where it happened.