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The Deagles Cousin

It may feel like the R8 is still a weird, new weapon in the game. Those who remember its introduction to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be shocked to realise that it was introduced in 2015, with the winter update for the game. It was massively overpowered – able to one shot enemies through mid (and the doors) of dust II. The update was quickly labelled ‘The Wild West’, as many critics complained about the weapon, exclaiming that the game had become unplayable.

Here we are, four years afterwards, with the game very much playable. How does it stack up now, though? Valve has had plenty of time to reconfigure and balance the spinning sidearm. Well, for $600, you’re getting eight bullets in a chamber (Or even, eight chambers), 86 damage, 93% Armour pen and two firing modes – slow and accurate or fast and messy. The problem is, and always has been, its younger brother. The Desert Eagle, which takes the same weapon slot, massively overshadows the revolver for its more efficient magazine style operation of fire. On paper, however, the Deagle just doesn’t compare. It comes with a more hefty price tag of $700, with one less bullet to use before reloading, a measly 63 damage with the same penetration. You also have to keep in mind how long you have to pause after you fire a shot to re balance the weapon, otherwise you will be highly inaccurate on your follow up shot.

So why does the Deagle always trump the ‘Volver? In a game like Counter-Strike, kills need to happen as soon as two players meet. This isn’t ARMA, where people will lay down suppressing fire and take pot shots through cover, this is a game of speed and tactile positioning. With that in mind, you absolutely can not afford to squeeze the trigger for 0.2 seconds when every other weapon can do it instantly. The fanning fire mode is almost pointless for experienced players, as they have the ability to aim in stressful tight corners and don’t need the painful random spread of the revolver spewing lead over the ceiling.

That begs the question – Who is the revolver actually made for. Well, when you think of quick kills and clever angles, your mind doesn’t go to silver matches with players who don’t know how to control spray patterns. One could argue that the R8 is a perfect weapon for this class of player, as it forces them to line up their shot before pulling the trigger. It also offers ‘Panic mode’, letting it act like the slowest firing SMG on the planet (but perhaps still more effective than the primary fire). The obvious counter to this is that players should be learning how to use the Deagle when they are new anyway, as it’s not necessarily the easiest weapon to handle.

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