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Update spree, perfecting or destroying?

A game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive relies on its balance to keep the matches competitive and fair. Weapons from both teams need to be reliable and their behaviours repeatable – This means that learning spray patterns and damage drop offs are rewarding. If this wasn’t the case, CSGO would turn into another Call Of Duty shooter, with random weapon consistencies making it anyone’s game.

Over the last month, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been receiving a barrage of updates. Everything from minor bug fixes to bigger map changes have taken place, giving us a weekly (or daily) tweaks to look at and analyse. A game like CSGO that has such a recognisable game style, updates may seem a little unimportant as people are learning all the tips and tricks in the game, such as the meta, the economy, the maps, etc. Updates that change one small thing may throw the entire meta out of balance (such as the AUG price drop or the R8 introduction).

Valves recent close attention to the game may be seen as trying to perfect the game to it’s full, cleaning up the rough edges and keeping the game in top shape, or it could be them learning from the recent major, gathering data on what players care about most and finding ways to make the game more enjoyable. Either way, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lets go over what’s been changed recently.

Obviously, the Prisma case was added, with the introduction of seventeen new community skins and Horizon knives in the Chroma finishes. Cases are always a good way to keep players happy – Those who don’t want to spend money have no further incentive to do so, whilst skin hunters can go wild trying to find the rarest float values of each weapon dropped.

A small in game counter has been added to keep you updated on what your win/loss bonus is on, as well as keeping track of the other teams. This is interesting, as before you would have to try and keep track of the enemy teams loss bonus on the fly, which could lead to some tragic miscalculations. It will be interesting to see if this changes the buying strategies of professional teams in the future majors.


de_Vertigo has been seeing a lot of changes, with the map getting layout fixes, new props and better visibility. It would seem that Valve are keen on bringing this map to the active map pool and have been using its wingman mode to test the sites.