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Vikendi added to PUBG

In the spirit of Christmas joy, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds has introduced a snow themed map; Vikendi. The fourth map introduced to the game features plenty of areas for fighting with much less water than the other maps (Miramar excluded of course, it is a desert). Apart from the obvious winter theme, what else can we expect to see from Vikendi?

The map is 6×6. For reference, the two giants of PUBG, Erengel and Miramar, are 8×8. These two maps are built for slow burning fights with everyone having time to find decent equipment before the shooting starts. These maps feel more tactical and take a lot more time to play out. The third map, Sanhok, is only 4×4. Games on this map are incredibly quick paced, all combat taking place at rush hour on a friday. This gives Vikendi a perfect balance of fast paced combat and collected decision making.

We’re seeing some new assets, such as a snowmobile that acts like a bike. These things make a distinctive sound, so keep your eyed peeled for a red and white vehicle booking it across the snowy fields. We’re also seeing a white ghillie suit, which is a lovely touch. The normal green ghillie felt a little out of place in Miramar, so the change will certainly catch unassuming players off guard.

You’ll also come across the G36C, a new rifle in the 5.56 family. Before you pick one of these up, however, the new parachuting mechanics will catch your eye as you try to work out what has changed. The new animations give the old, rubbish parachuting a bit of life. You can also hold left control to slow your descent, which will make it easier to travel long distances.