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Warming up in CSGO

If you ask someone what they do to warm up for a competitive match, their answers can vary from “I don’t” to “I spend an hour shooting at bots”. The truth is, there isn’t one definitive way to warm up for a match. However, regardless of if you’re queuing up for a silver game or the finals in a major, warming up is generally a good idea. If you’ve ever noticed that you’re playing better counter strike in the later half of a match, that’s because you’ve unintentionally used the first half of the game to warm up and get your muscles into gear. Doing so prior to the game will make your aim far better throughout, meaning you’ll be top fragging in no time.

Match Warm Up

Probably best not to use this as your primary warm up. You have a few minutes and limited cash to spawn camp the enemy team. The warm up time is more important for getting everyone loaded into the game rather than actually getting your mind ready for combat, so don’t take it too seriously.

Public Lobbies

Public lobbies and bot matches are fantastic ways to warm up your aim. Sure, you won’t be put in scenarios that are likely to crop up in a real game, but if you arm yourself with an AK-47 and just focus on popping head shots on the people using Negevs, you’ll notice an improvement to your comp game when you decide to search for one. If you want to focus on aiming, Death Match is probably your safest bet, but if you want to play with a whole arsenal in preparation for your game, Arms Race might be a better fit for you.

Workshop Maps

People have been making aim maps for years, but the one that really stands out is Aim Botz. If you’ve ever watched a twitch streamer or pro player warm up, the likely hood is that they used this map to do it. It allows you to practice pretty much anything, from flick shots to spray patterns. It’s also worth checking out ‘1v1’ maps and playing them with a friend before jumping into a game – that way you can warm up together (and trying to tilt them prematurely).