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What is Summer of Legends?

During each summer, GAME hosts the Summer of Legends at its many BELONG arenas. People go to play on their computers and are taught how to improve by League of Legends pro players, giving them advice on how to get better at the game or even how to start if you’re new.

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending in Manchester BELONG arena. As a somewhat novice, knowing the basics of each champion and focusing all my practice in one champion (Poppy, by the way), I was eager to get a helping hand and learn some of the more in-depth play styles the game has to offer.

With two of my friends with me, who are far better at the game than i, our designated pro player had the fun of teaching players new skills who were at very different levels of competence. For my friends, he was telling them when to dive towers, what position to be in, etc – for me, he was reminding me that I need to buy items.

However, leaving the event, I felt a wave of confidence that I didn’t have in the game before. Things started making more sense and I was starting to enjoy my time in League of Legends like I never had before.

If you are interested in learning or improving your skills, head over to the nearest BELONG arena to you and get some tickets to Summer of Legends. The event will likely start during the heat of Summer, so keep your eyes peeled for its announcement.