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What is the MP5’s future?

Counter-Strike isn’t known for it’s plethora of weapons. Titles like Battlefield and Insurgency pride themselves on the way their weapons look and how much customisation one can fiddle with, but the CS game series has always been about tight gameplay with an arsenal that lends itself to specific situations.

New firearms aren’t a new thing to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; we’ve seen new additions from time to time to give players a few more options. The M4A1-s and USP-S were seemingly obvious weapons to join the fray, as it gave players the utility and choice they needed to take on the all powerful AK-47s.

More recently, the CZ-75 and R8 revolvers addition to the weapon wheel brought with it waves of anger and annoyance. Both pistols were released with incredibly high damage and penetration, leading to them being labelled as ‘broken’. The nerfs that followed didn’t help remove the bad taste in everyone’s mouth and their foul reputation still lingers to this day.

Valve have learnt from their mistakes and have taken the necessary precautions to getting the MP5-SD just right. The MP5 isn’t new to the series – many players have fond memories of the MP5 ‘Navy’ from Counter-Strike 1.6, but the SD isn’t a twin; more like a distant cousin. Instead of being available in a test build, Valve have made the weapon available to everyone, but only in non-competitive use, similar to the Negev changes.

Available to both teams, the MP5-SD is the first suppressed weapon available to the Terrorist force. It swaps out with the MP7 and offers a small boost in movement speed. It does less damage and penetration, but comes with the natural benefit of quieter shots.

No one expected the MP5 and there wasn’t a huge demand for a new weapon to be introduced to the game. It does, however, spice up CSGO, giving us new options and keeping things fresh.

The MP5 is currently almost level with the MP7. It feels very similar, albeit with a few small changes. An interesting idea would be to make the MP5-SD a Counter Terrorist exclusive, much like the MP9, making the MP7 a Terrorist only weapon. This would massively change the dynamic of both sides eco rounds, so it would need a lot of testing before something that drastic is put into place.

What do you want to see? Should the MP5 get it’s own weapon slot and be distanced from the MP7, or perhaps altered so it doesn’t even behave like the MP7? We want to hear your thoughts – Let us know on Twitter!