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What Valorant did right

The Endpoint team have had a few weeks to stick their teeth into Riot Games newest shooter and we’ve all been enjoying it. I mean, why wouldn’t we? We’re all Counter-Strike fans on some level, so that transfers to Valorant and gives us an edge on the players who haven’t spent half their life learning the recoil pattern for the AK-47.

We touched on this recently in this article, but the two are incredibly comparable, yet totally different. The first obvious change is the abilities and lack of grenades. In Counter-Strike, everyone is on physically equal ground and it’s entirely skill that sets the good from the bad. In Valorant, the same can still be said – skill is going to set the field apart, but the abilities each player has gives them a very specific role. Some characters are better suited for entry fragging, whilst others excel in locking down sight lines and controlling the flow of the battle in their favour.

Valorant has made some key changes to the original formula that we approve of that aren’t as drastic, though. The ability to sell weapons you’ve bought is fantastic – If you didn’t realise the team was meant to be saving and you buy an Guardian, well you’re in luck! As long as you bought it and didn’t pinch it from the last round, you can sell it back to the shop. It also prevents the dreaded misbuy. Don’t lie, you’ve accidentally ended up with an M249 instead of an AK before.

In Valorant, the majority of the map is locked off during the buying phase. This means people can buy weapons anywhere on their side of the map – where as in CSGO, you have to buy your weapons at the very start of the round while locked in place. This is a nice change in pace to CSGO and gives us something to do during the buy phase – and a lot more time to make our decisions.

If you haven’t changed your key bindings, holding comma will bring up a communications wheel. Now, whilst this does exist in some form in Counter-Strike, it’s far more involved in Valorant. We can instantly tell people which site we’re going to and what strategy to go with, such as ‘play for picks’ or ‘rush them’. Further more, holding Caps Lock brings up an overlay of the map. Not only does this give you a nice big visual to plan your attack on, not to mention the live updates of enemy locations and other useful information, it also lets you ping on specific parts of the map. This is especially useful when you’re playing with random teammates who aren’t in your discord lobby!