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Which Battle Royale should I play?

With so many new titles in the Battle Royale Genre, It can be a little over whelming for someone who only just decided to get into it. Have no fear, however, as we have a handy tool for you to decide on which game to pick up!

Every Battle Royale feels different. You’ll want to try them all, but splashing out £40 every time you want to try a new game can get expensive. When you play Fortnite, for example, your getting a very different combat experience to, say, Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode.

Some players desire the ultimate challenge of getting a Chicken Dinner while learning the nuances of PUBG, where as others may want the convenient player friendly ideals of Realm Royale. Everyone is different, but like first person shooters and Multiplayer online battle arenas, the Battle Royale genre finally has enough variety for pretty much every player to sink their teeth into.

So, for your convenience, here is a quick and easy guide to choosing the right Battle Royale for you!

Hopefully, you have a little more understanding over which game to jump into. If you suddenly feel inspired, why not follow us on Twitter?