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Why Play – Rainbow Six Siege?

If you haven’t watched an entire game of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege by this point, it’s likely you’ve been actively avoiding it. Perhaps you’re not into first person shooters, maybe you made your mind up a long time ago. Why don’t we explore why Rainbow Six is such an amazing title and why the esports scene surrounding it has managed to get so big?

Rainbow Six is intuitive. You’re given a weapon, some utility, maybe even a piece of equipment, and are given one objective. Be it defend a hostage, plant a bomb or hunt down the terrorists, it’s not an overly complex scenario. When you figure out that you can change the map to suit your needs, you can think a little outside the box. Scaling walls, breaking into windows, blowing up walls; it all starts to come together. This game isn’t another run of the mill shooters.

The depth that R6 offers the player is far deeper than you first realise. With the plethora of character equipment at your disposal, you really can play the game differently every time. Don’t let this distract you from the gunplay, however – spraying down an enemy who’s peaking a corner is perhaps one of the most satisfying things in gaming. Because of the quick time to kill, you can take down every member of the enemy team on your own should you be the last one standing. Of course, you’ll need to out-skill your opponents before you manage to pull off stunts like that, but like anything, practice makes perfect.

People always compare Rainbow Six to other games. You might hear it called a COD clone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, they both have rifles, but in reality, this game has much more depth and requires much more critical thinking and pre-planning to take down a well organised team. Likewise, it’s compared to CSGO due to it’s 5v5 layout, but the two games execute this model very differently. As far as tactical shooters go, these two are completely seperate.

If you’re in a rut and are thinking of picking up a new title, Rainbow Six Siege is recommended to anyone who has a tactical, quick thinking mindset who don’t mind getting their hands dirty learning different maps and characters.